McCoy Park - details...
Home Team: Columbus State Cougars baseball team.

Description: McCoy Park in Columbus has a single regulation size fenced baseball diamond with grass infield, specter seating, dugouts and lights. The facility also has acres of multipurpose field areas for soccer and football.

Address: 600 Stimmel Rd Columbus, Ohio 43223

Field Type: Grass

Sports Played: Baseball Football Soccer

FieldFinder Amenities Rating: 3.5 stars out of 5

FieldFinder creates its star rating based upon the presence or absence of the amenities enumerated below.

Total for this field is based upon...

Bathrooms: Yes
Concessions: No
Field Maintenance: Yes
Covered Dugouts: Yes
Little League Regulation: No
Night Games: Yes
Parking: Yes
Playground: No
Seating: Yes
Tournaments: Yes



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