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Description: Baisley Pond Park in South Jamaica, Queens, is home to many recreational sports leagues and programs in Queens. The athletic fields located between the Belt Parkway and Rockaway Boulevard span many acres and include Soccer, Cricket, Baseball, Softball and Football. The park offers many dedicated fields and several large multipurpose field areas for play. Due to the large numbers of organized sports who use the facility permits are required and essential to ensure access to fields. There is ample seating available next to the fields and around the park however spectators should bring chairs. Parking is generally available on the streets next to the park.

Address: 133-51 150th Street South Jamaica, Queens, New York 11436

Field Type: Grass

Sports Played: Baseball Cricket Football Soccer Softball

FieldFinder Amenities Rating: 2.5 stars out of 5

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Bathrooms: Yes
Concessions: No
Field Maintenance: Yes
Covered Dugouts: No
Little League Regulation: No
Night Games: No
Parking: No
Playground: Yes
Seating: Yes
Tournaments: Yes



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Baisley Pond Park, South Jamaica Queens
Baisley Pond Park, South Jamaica Queens
  • Baisley Pond Park, South Jamaica Queens
  • Softball field view.
  • Softball field view from outfield.
  • Football-Soccer field view.
  • Stadium seating and playground view next to soccer field.
  • Soccer-Football field view.
  • Multipurpose field and cricket area.
  • Cricket area view near softball field.
  • Softball field number 3.
  • Softball field number 3 dugout and seating view.
  • Park area view between softball field and soccer field.
  • Field 3 view.

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